Vancouver Tent City Video Clip…

Sorry for the long delay… but it is here!!! Vancouver Tent City Video Clip from last Sunday!!!!
Cheers to Vincent Chauvet for hosting Vancouver Tent City!!!


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ABC Story in ASL By Christy Lively

 An excellent ASL performance by Christy Lively, one of Gally Alumni from Alberta! *Waving hands in air*

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BoTs voted to terminate Jane!

Signature: Gallaudet University – Public Relations/Visitors Center

TO: Campus Community

FROM: Board of Trustees

DATE: October 29, 2006

RE: Board of Trustees Meeting

Today, we announce with much regret and pain that after serious
deliberation in a special, all-day Executive Session of the Board of
Trustees, we have voted to terminate Dr. Fernandes’ appointment
as President-Designate (currently effective) and President
(effective beginning January 1, 2007) at Gallaudet University.

We understand the impact of this decision and the important issues that
inherently arise when a Board re-examines decisions in the face of an
on-going protest. The Board believes that it is in the best interests of
the University to terminate Dr. Fernandes from the incoming President’s
position. Although undoubtedly there will be some members of the
community who have differing views on the meaning of this decision, we
believe that it is a necessity at this point. The Board is continuing to
meet to discuss transitional issues.

It has certainly been a difficult and trying time for our Gallaudet
community. Now is the time for healing. The hope of the Board of
Trustees is for our beloved community to come together to work for a
stronger and better Gallaudet. 

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A letter from Christine Roschaert ’06

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Eating but still Starving…

After an hour with my hunger strike family, we have come to the conclusion that it’s best that I resign from the cause.

My reasons:

– it has now become apparent that my vision isn’t what it used to be before the hunger strike; it’s blurry and I have to strain to read my pager. That was not the case before I gave up food. So eating again will give me the nutrition I need to maintain whatever little vision I have left for years to come.

– At the 6pm FSSA meeting, I almost fell off the chair because I was becoming disoriented. The participants looked forward to my feedback and ideas but almost nothing came out of my empty mind. I know that my presence is needed at the meetings especially to speak on behalf of the Hunger Strike people and for that I need my energy from food.

– The people in the hunger strike are getting weaker day by day. They probably won’t be able to give interviews to media nor communicate with the outside so they have asked me to be the middle person, relaying messages to the media, to the people out there and to FSSA.

Last night was one of the emotional moments of the protest. For one, I had to explain my reasons for resigning and they all were VERY supportive, telling me how much they loved me and vice versa. We discussed issues of comfort (it was getting colder and colder as the nights went by and drones of people flowing in and out of the tents, demanding every iota of energy from the strikers), drawing up a living will. The latter was what anguished us the most – David Simmons and Al Jimenez also Debbie Potts were perfectly willing to go that far to the point where they wanted their wills to define what they wanted when it came to the conclusion where they are near-death. I cried and cried – I don’t want them to die but it’s their choice.

The bond between us is incredible. I will never, ever forget the moments, the days and the cold nights we shared under one tent. The stories and the embraces we shared. As each day passes, I pray for them and for their health, especially for God to influence Jane Fernandes to see that people are dying for her to resign, literally and in the best interests of the University, the FSSA, the protesters, the Deaf communities worldwide and for the people who starve for justice she’ll realize she needs to resign.

I still starve for social justice, for a true president, for linguistic minority, for shared governance, for diversity, and for the search process to be reopened.

Tactile love and starve for the same but stay nourished.

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Letters to Board of Trustees and FSSA from Gary Malkowski

October 25, 2006

Dear Board of Trustees

Re: Accountability to FSSA and Gallaudet Community or Dr Jane Kelleher Fernandes?

Given no-confidence votes by majority of faculty, staff, students, alumni and wider Deaf communities nationally and internationally and continued growing pressures to call upon Dr. Fernandes to resign, you as Board of Trustees have clearly failed to serve the best interests of Gallaudet University and its community. Unfortunately, you did bring Gallaudet University into unnecessary chaos and crisis.

Do you ever realize that you are accountable that Dr Jane Kellehner Fernandes is leading destructively Gallaudet University as to serve as leading international authority on higher post-secondary education institution in the field of education of deaf and accessibility issues into circus?

Since you have refused to listen to your very own Gallaudet community, are you preparing to let democratic citizens to get U.S. Secretary of Education and U.S. Congress to review Gallaudet University Board of Trustees leadership and management and possibly force you to resign or be fired or being liable for unrest, violence and crisis on Gallaudet campus?

Please reconsider to make a hounorable decision to have Dr Jane Fernandes to resign to restore and preserve the finest and prestigious Gallaudet University.


Gary Malkowski
Class of ‘81 Alumnus
Toronto, Canada
October 25 2006

Dear FSSA and Friends of Gallaudet University

Unfortunately, current Board of Trustees seem to be in futile position by continuing not to listen to very own Gallaudet community nationally and internationally, I am sure that you already consult with your lawyers and elected U.S. Congress representatives to review creative options, including legal and civil strategies in getting new Board of Trustees, replacing current Board of Trustees and asking Dr. K. Feranandes to resign honourably to restore  Gallaudet University into democratic, peace, stable and prosperous society nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, another option you may want to consider is to have our friends of Gallaudet University and FSSA to mobilize lobbing efforts and rallies at U.S. Congress offices across USA and US embassies and consulates across internationally along with international media coverage to call upon on the U.S. Secretary of Education and U.S. Congress to review Board of Trustees leadership and determine whether they are liable for unrest and crisis on Gallaudet community nationally and internationally.

Keeping up fighting and be with you to continue our struggles until Gallaudet’s crisis is resolved.


Gary Malkowski
Class of ‘81 Alumnus
Toronto, Canada

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Talk vs ASL in the classroom at Gallaudet

Nancy Blanchard (nee Travis) ’96 explains in this vlog her experience at Gallaudet and how that needs to be changed.   Let’s fix this problem at Gallaudet!


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What Gallaudet believes will impact your life!

Thanks to Rita LeDrew for bringing this vlog to our attention, and many thanks to Paul LeDrew ’89 for an excellent explanation of what is to come. 


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